Town of Plymouth

Open Space Committee


The Plymouth Open Space Committee, founded in 1999, seeks to identify land suitable to be set aside as Open Space, and to find ways and means to fund its acquisition.

The Committee also researches and develops tools to preserve open space, advocates for open space, and participates in planning with other town committees and agencies. The Open Space Committee works with any interested citizens of Plymouth, as well as with the Wildlands Trust, The Nature Conservancy and other conservation organizations.

The Open Space Committee reports directly to Town Meeting as outlined in the Town Charter. Its nine members are appointed by the Plymouth Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board and the Conservation Commission.

Current members of the Committee are:  Dorie Stolley, John Hammond, Sharl Heller,  Malcolm MacGregor, Lois Post, Doug O’Roak,  Amanda Crouch-Smith,  Rick Barry, Betsy Hall, Chair.

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About the Open Space Committee