A map of our journey, and some indication of what it was like!
People & ...
over the Andes
La Amatista
first morning birding
off to explore
dugout canoes everywhere
junction of two rivers to form Amazon
a banana farm
Carnival tree at river dwelling
returning from exploration
Amazon sunset
picnic breakfast
river traffic
a ferry
passenger accomodations
comparing bird sightings
river transport
lumber mill
tributary traffic
banana plantation
bananas and plantain
Banana tree
through the plantation
old goat
farm house
harvesting manioc
manioc root
peel with machete
farm house
farm house
crushing sugar cane
Caiman skull (on the left)
making dugout canoe
carnival tree
carnival festivities
fish pen
stuck on floating island
No... I'm not worried!
catching bugs while we are stuck
free and heading home
You mean this is a RAIN FOREST?
in the Pacaya-Samiria Preserve
in the Pacaya-Samiria Preserve
drying out
visiting the river people
home sweet home
these visitors woke me up!
the family
another day.. another tributary
back from the store
moored in jungle
rainbow over the river
small villiage
family outing
more river transportation
it's NOT raining!
shaman ceremony
visiting shaman
treatment (smoke therapy)
Shamans and the apprentice
the peep appears
look, the Hoatzin !
this is GREAT!
Bird watcher
the canopy
canopy bridges
I wish this didn't rock so much!
planting a tree in the rain forest
La Turmalina at rush hour
a raft on the Amazon
I think the river is this way
what river?
fishing for Piranhas
another bird!
last sunset
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