Living things that are NOT BIRDS!
Critters & ...
Bromiliads, etc.
Huge termite nest on old chimney
big wasp nest
Iguana watching us
Iguana just hanging out
River Dolphins - easy to see, hard to photograph
Water hyacinth
troop of Squirrel Monkeys
momma with baby on her back
many Squirrel Monkeys were seen
they fly through the air...
... with the greatest of ease!
troop of Woolly monkeys
Woolly monkey
orphan baby Howler monkey
just wants to be hugged
will you be my friend?
two baby Howler monkeys
George with Plantain blossom
gourd tree
young Pink-toed Tarantula (ended up in our boat)
young Caiman (captured at night)
how does it feel?
rub its belly...
... and it goes to sleep.
giant Water Lillies
up to 6 ft in diameter
well protected with thorns
structure of underside
Yellow-crowned bushy-tailed tree rat
like my fish?
a good day's catch
a type of Morning Glory
Capybara family
Three-toed sloth (front end)
Three-toed sloth (south end)
common tree Anole
Two-toed sloth
Philodendron vines
rubber tree sap
Kapok tree
poison dart frog
Termite nests
rescued Blue Morpho butterfly
Leaf-mimicking Katydid
big moth
horned beetle
Banana tree
Papaya trees
leaf-cutter ant
hitchhiking insects
Owl butterfly
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